Artist's Prayer

Give us Your daily Inspiration
So, we can live a Creative Life.
And lead us away from self-doubt,
For to doubt our creativity
Is to doubt Your Voice within us.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hungry For Art?

For sure my spoiled, eleven-years-old German Shepherd, Joy, was yesterday.... she broke into a spare bedroom and devoured my recent, still-drying, work on plywood.... not all of its 4 square feet, but enough to make me cry and curse!!! I've been planning on submitting that particular piece into an upcoming juried art show ~ but NO more! My sleepless night was marked by letting my dog go outside as she effortlessly 're-cycled' some of my artwork.... the good 'ol Buddhist folks would say: practice the non-attachment, my dear. And my very 'attached' response would be: %$^&%^##^^%&&#&^$##@ you, too.
So much for spiritual maturity.... I do care about the artwork I create and forming attachment of some sort to it is a very natural step in bringing forth whatever is being created. Speaking of which, I've started two new pieces and I love how they're emerging..... or as my girlfriend would say: I love their nascence.

I used a 2oz. Golden Tar Gel Lid to impress circles with Interference Green (Fine) against a thick layer of Clear Self-Leveling Gel as described in the previous post.

I love Golden Fluid Pyrole Red! I used an X-Large Pan Lid as a tool to make circular marks....

The paint is unevenly distributed across the rim of the lid which translates into a varied color saturation and texture against the surface....

There's a deli in my neighborhood that makes delicious soups.... these culinary artifacts are packaged into plastic containers that are 4.5" in diameter. Long after its precious content is gone, I get to re-use those versatile dishes in my studio.... In the above picture I'm applying a thick layer of Golden Cobalt Teal with my soup container.

Yet another pour of Clear Self-Leveling Gel... my outcome is to create spacial depth between consecutive layers of paint and acrylic mediums.

In the movie 'Titanic' the narrator tells us: 'that was the last time Titanic saw daylight...' I'm not going to be nearly as dramatic. The above photograph depicts the very last capture of my 'late' artwork with a working title 'circulR.' I don't think I'm ready to present the 'post mortem' images yet....

Getting ready for a new collage, this time a Comics Bonanza.... what if I build a collage comprising of random black & white and color newspaper comics.... I want to see what will emerge.

.... bringing together a multitude of 'seemingly' un-related elements....

..... with a little help form Golden Clear Self-Leveling Gel.....

~ is the story coming together yet?

.... an acrylic bond of a Clear Self-Leveling Gel pour may do the job.....

I'm gathering the tools for the up-coming artwork that may or may not call upon the assistance of all these 'creative midwives.'

I first covered the entire surface of 18"x24" canvas with a thick layer of Golden Hard Molding Paste and I begun to 'sculpt' the wet medium.... any tool of choice may be called upon at the moment's notice to become a willingly participating witness to the creative unfolding.

~ a semi-finished, mostly wet, design is taking its very first, uncertain steps....

drying overnight in a dog-free environment...

I decided to hang my Four Collage Series because they 'feel' finished to me ~ though I'm pondering over the title for them. You can see how they were created in these two posts: May17, 2009 & May 18, 2009.

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