Artist's Prayer

Give us Your daily Inspiration
So, we can live a Creative Life.
And lead us away from self-doubt,
For to doubt our creativity
Is to doubt Your Voice within us.

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's A Wrap!

Mixed Media on Wood
Tatiana Kuzyk

I think my latest piece may be ready for the final 'kisses' of varnish. Part of my surprise comes from the fact that it will become my fastest artwork creation to date... majority of my work would go through familiar stages of development, often times testing my faith and patience simultaneously. But not this one.

I've been drawn to the circular shapes for a while now and have found a fun companion in numerous lids that assist me in leaving their impressions adorned with variety of paint colors on the surface of painting. Circle is a universal symbol of wholeness, most often referred to as 'mandala,' though mandala can be represented, for example by a square or any 2D figure with inherent perfect geometry. Carl Gustav Jung was a XX-ieth century Swiss psychiatrist who re-introduced mandala to the modern world. What's more he had taught how to use mandala making for inner growth, enrichment through the process he called 'active imagination.' In Jungian terms, mandala initiates a dialog between one's unconscious and a conscious part of our psyche using the only language our unconscious uses - symbols. We can analyze and learn from those highly personal and healing images that are expressed through our creativity and allow that inner dialog to unfold. It may sound a bit 'out-there' but actually each one of us engages every night in that symbolic dialog with our unconscious through dreams. Taking time to listen and allow those beautiful and nurturing image-symbols to come to our conscious awareness in our waking hours can be an extremely enriching experience, one that words are impotent to even begin to describe...


I just found out that my latest article 'Simple Aging Techniques For Mixed Media & Collage' has been published at To read that 'marathon of step-by-step tutorials' click the above link.


  1. Hi Tatiana,
    First congrats on your article being published. I shall have to look at it. I always learn from your blogs here. Thank you for your generous teachings. I love "circulR"! The title is clever and the circles are a rainbow of endless fascination. Great you are testing your prowess with quick pieces. I also love Jung's philosophy and mandalas. Finding the deeper meaning in our artwork is a personal journey I am on as well. Thank you for starting my day off with such nice spiritual reflections!

  2. Love the circles and congrats on being published.