Artist's Prayer

Give us Your daily Inspiration
So, we can live a Creative Life.
And lead us away from self-doubt,
For to doubt our creativity
Is to doubt Your Voice within us.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let It Be Light! Please.

Yes.... the power 'went out on me' last evening and hasn't 'come back' yet! I envy my neighbors power generator running its motor overnight and this morning..... sending energy to a fridge, AC, and lamps, lamps, lamps...

Perhaps a musician wouldn't care much about darkness enveloping one's surroundings when a Muse knocks on the door of imagination, but being a visual artist who doesn't own a pair of night vision goggles.... puts my non-existent patience to a harsh test at such times. Only in the permeating darkness and silence do we realize, become uncomfortably aware of, the multitude of power-sourced distractions we depend on every moment of the day.... cell phone's battery begging for a re-charge, as does my laptop, underground fence becomes power-less, yet my dog, Joy, seems to be completely unaware of it as she diligently keeps her distance from the sidewalk..... Thank God for coffee shops with free power outlets and WiFi service, so I can remedy my increasing stimulus withdraw.....

Last night I lighted close to a dozen candles and decided to catch up on some 'extra-curricular' reading. Even though 'candle light art making' idea sounded charming, it reminded me more of blindfolded art therapy exercises and my mood wasn't serene enough to engage in such activity (to say the least). As I observed my surroundings being tenderly kissed by flickering candles, every object had become transformed into a somewhat dramatic, darkened artifact..... dark reflection of the room deep inside the mirror sent me back in time couple centuries ~ reflecting how life was for people who had to be observant and in tune with the flow of time, their days beginning with the first rays of sun waking the world to a new, sweet day..... then gently wining down with the approaching dusk. There's such a visual metamorphosis from the world we see in daylight to the one visible to us when the Sun begins to set. I don't think we are aware of this 'costume change' thanks to the modern marvel of electricity. There's a great depth and dark beauty in our world once the Universal Lights Go Out.... it tests the validity of our day-light, or artificially lighted, perceptions.... did the object itself change with a new intensity of light reflecting off it, or is it a visual joke our optical apparatus plays on us? Maybe it's not about a particular answer to this question, but perhaps a gentle inkling reminding us to stay conscious in the moment, more sensually, by engaging all our senses and letting our World reveal Itself to us anew....

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