Artist's Prayer

Give us Your daily Inspiration
So, we can live a Creative Life.
And lead us away from self-doubt,
For to doubt our creativity
Is to doubt Your Voice within us.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Creative Re-Charging....

I've been going through a lot of practice of how to let go or relinquish the endless demands of my mental to-do list..... I've realized that it seems easier to succumb to the routine of crossing the items off the list than trying to re-evaluate the list's content in the first place, not to mention learning to give myself some 'room to breath' physically and emotionally.

Perhaps, unbeknownst to me, I've arranged for some creative waiting period and since in the meantime my to-do list is growing exponentially I'm trying to find my footing one day at a time by learning to let the present moment BE.... the way it is, not the way it allegedly is 'supposed to be.' And somehow, if I allow myself to acknowledge and appreciate the many little 'Now Moments' I've been actually blessed with, I am at awe and I feel very grateful.... I've engaged my creativity outside of my art making space in a very tangible and fun way, though I've been 'only' working on the same painting I'd started when my company had arrived 3 1/2 weeks ago. Let me share some fun adventures that's been nurturing my starving Creative Spirit so far..... we rummaged through a huge flea market and I bought a shopping bag full of loose pages from old books and an old atlas with beautiful maps and imagery ~ all for $2! (I incorporated some of these pages in my painting ~ see the picutres below). Past Friday I visited the Art Institute downtown Chicago on a free admission night and had a blast at the contemporary art exhibition hall! Another afternoon of rich stimulation of all senses took us to the Chinatown where we wondered through small shops stuffed to overflowing ~ floor to ceiling ~ with oriental goods, funny smelling foods, and good-luck charms....

I love the shot of a Chinatown alley...

My creative Self has also been nurtured at home where I would work on my painting while my friend would make another beautiful greeting card alongside her little daughter trying to mimic her mommy.... somehow we all created in unison bringing into visible a new creation from the depths of our imaginations.....

I love to work with my hands while listening and paying attention to what's going on within.... since the end of last week my mediums of choice, for the moment, have been pieces of crown moulding, baseboards, casings, and hardwood flooring.... and fun adventures with large amounts of latex paint thanks to 2'' brushes that are waaaay below art supplies' stores prices.....all this 'creative chaos' culminating in an Extreme Master Bedroom MakeOver.... I find this type of exerting physical creative activity rejuvenating and healing. What's more, it's a great way to shut the inner critic's voice up while your arm is tired from making wall acrobatics with a big paint roller.... it's so much the opposite when I paint at my art table using small, in comparison, tools and brushes.... when each stroke or color choice is being taken under debate. How can a room be completely painted in less than 24 hours and a 2'x2' painting has seen already over a dozen of work hours and is not even half-finish yet? I realize I'm trying to compare pears to apples, but I believe there's something to be learned from physically strenuous creative process when it comes to inner allowing and creative co-operation.

My company will be returning back home in two weeks.... in the meantime I'm seting my intention of stying more current with my posts.

I'm curious how is your summer flowing? Do you find your creativity following the changes of the season? Have you noticed that some periods of year are more creatively fertile for you then others?
Below are few snapshots of my painting titled: 'Fehu' ~ I'll delve into my inspiration in creating this piece once it'll be finished.


  1. Nice words to ponder and reflect on. You have whetted my appetite to get down to Chicago and explore. I would love to see Chinatown, Art Institute and just the City of Chicago. So many ways to fill our inner well with creative possibilities. I LOVE your shot of the Chinatown alley. Behind the scenes where few wander makes for intriguing photo. You have great eye.
    My summer has its usual ebbs and flows regarding creative pursuits, but then I guess that's the way an artist life pans out!
    Your art continues to intrigue me!

  2. P.S.
    Have missed you in Laura's artist way group.
    Hope to see you there again.