Artist's Prayer

Give us Your daily Inspiration
So, we can live a Creative Life.
And lead us away from self-doubt,
For to doubt our creativity
Is to doubt Your Voice within us.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Mundane Subject Matter?

.... only if you consider a brown paper bag to be boring and the last object to be able to awaken your imagination. I finally noticed the beautiful images and colors on a Trader Joe's brown paper bag. These vintage images are hard to find even on the web and that's what you can get for free at a grocery store!

Funny thing, there's a bubble caption by one picture saying: 'Is framing the bag and hanging it on the wall reusing and recycling?' No, I will not hang the bag on the wall, I will reuse it in a collage. I love its sturdy, slightly rough-to-the-touch feeling of a heavy duty brown paper. I hope it can take a lot of 'creative abuse' before the acrylic paints, palette knives, pounds of gel mediums will set and dry!

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